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Engage today’s connected clients and exceed their expectations. Ensure your customer information is Secure and Compliant with Privacy, CyberSecurity Standards, and Controls with ComplianceSeal for Financial Services customers of Salesforce.


PCI, Privacy, and SOX Controls

Our knowledge and expertise in applying SOX, Privacy, and PCI compliance on Salesforce enabled us to build Shield Toolkit and ComplianceSeal for Financial Services. We are Salesforce and CyberSecurity experts with experience implementing Salesforce, Security, and Shield solutions for Financial Services customers. We understand the needs of Information Security teams and Salesforce teams when implementing CyberSecurity standards on Salesforce. Both ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit work on the Financial Cloud and are developed specifically for Financial Services Salesforce users.

Privacy and NIST Controls

ComplianceSeal for Financial Services enables financial organizations to implement Security and Privacy Controls to safeguard customer data and ensure that regulatory requirements are met. Our experience in working with large financial customers on the implementation of Shield and CyberSecurity guarantees you are secure and compliant.

ComplianceSeal enables Public Sector Organizations to be NIST Compliance
ComplianceSeal Shield Toolkit Salesforce NY Cybersecurity

New York CyberSecurity Controls

ComplianceSeal for Financial Services automates New York CyberSecurity regulation. ComplianceSeal and Shield Toolkit solutions effectively save time and enable all Covered Entities to maintain a CyberSecurity program designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Information Systems.

Bring Your Own Controls

Our solution automates Governance, Audit, and Compliance for Financial Services customers of Salesforce. The Bring Your Own Control (BYOC) feature enables financial companies to customize CybersSecurity controls that meet all the requirements. Organizations use our solution to increase their security posture and efficiently reduce response times to insider threats.

ComplianceSeal Bring Your Own Controls

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