Dreamforce | Day 3

Only one more day left of Dreamforce and the momentum we have felt from the beginning has not waned. Today’s theme was equality. We have heard from so many speakers who have impacted the corporate culture in such positive ways by prioritizing inclusion and fair, ethical policies for their employees - and their communities at large. Philanthropy has long been a desired trait in Silicon Valley and Dreamforce is abuzz with Trailblazers who exemplify that trait in both their corporate and their personal lives. With the shifting workforce focusing on Millennials and their desire to work for companies who share their values, now is a better time than ever to rethink all of our postures not only in security but also in corporate values.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

Is your security and compliance team is now asking you to make Salesforce more secure? If so check out ComplianceSeal on the Salesforce AppExchange (Shield customers looking for solutions can find them here). These are 100% native products to drive Salesforce Shield adoption and a full security suite for GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, FedRamp, and a whole host of regulatory requirements to tighten up your Salesforce org and multi-org architecture to keep your InfoSec team happy.

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