Dreamforce | Day 2

The four days of Dreamforce are in full swing and already at the halfway mark. When we said to bring your walking shoes in ​The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce | Part 1 we gave some very sound advice. So far, the team has put in nearly as many steps as a full marathon! Yesterday’s theme of giving carried over today in the form of the Philanthropy Cloud Keynote and reminded us all of how important humanity is during this time of machine learning and automation. One recurrent sentiment that has really stuck with us is the need for the community around us to succeed in order for us to succeed. Such a simple and powerful concept that challenges the bygone era of cubicle farms. We have taken these ideas to heart and have begun to look internally for answers about how to better our neighbors in order to better ourselves. We have also taken initiative to remind ourselves of the “no ke aha mai”, or why, behind everything we do in order to ensure we have the best interest at heart for everyone involved. Day three is coming fast and we hope to see you there!

Ensuring Security and Compliance

Is your security and compliance team is now asking you to make Salesforce more secure? If so check out ComplianceSeal on the Salesforce AppExchange (Shield customers looking for solutions can find them here). These are 100% native products to drive Salesforce Shield adoption and a full security suite for GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, FedRamp, and a whole host of regulatory requirements to tighten up your Salesforce org and multi-org architecture to keep your InfoSec team happy.

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