The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce 2018 | Part 1


By:  Dave Hall

Salesforce’s annual conference Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco will be here September 25-28. While the thought of hanging out with 150k+ attendees can be exciting, and can also be daunting. Here are some Tip and Tricks to get ready for the tech mega-event of the year:

1. Shoes & Sneakers: if it’s your goal to hit 25k steps a day on your Fit-Bit, you may be attending the right conference. Salesforce has done an incredible job scaling Dreamforce from when we first attended in 2010 with 35k attendees to now over 150k people.
With that scale comes “Event Sprawl”. Salesforce now rents out space surrounding the Moscone Center, including hotel space, movie theaters, museums, and even restaurant lobbies (awkward let me tell you). Sprawl = Distance so bring your both your dancing and distance shoes.

2. Coffee: ah the fuel of Dreamforce. Good coffee can be a challenge, especially with the typical line out the door at the Starbucks at 4th and Mission. What’s a caffeine cravemaster to do? First there are numerous sponsors offering drinks just outside of Moscone. For those of us where drinking coffee brewed 45 minutes earlier simply won’t suffice, we highly recommend the 5 minute walk to Blue Bottle Coffee in Mint Square. It’s worth the wait and it’s only a block and half away at Mint & Mission. The Americano is just so good!

3. Swag: if you’re a swag master and need to bring home a few Appy, Chatty, and SaaSy dolls to the little ones, make sure to bring along a backpack and plenty of suitcase space.

4. Parties / Events: I think our dancing days at the AppExchange Partner Party at the Temple Bar are over, but there’s still some great can’t miss events at #DF18. First is the Dreamforce Newbie Breakfast hosted by the “King of All Things Bacon” Eric Dreshfield (@ericdresh). It’s a wonderful gathering of old Saleforce friends and
newcomers, as well as a solid fundraiser to support Project NightNight to help homeless children. The other event I’ve attended the last two years has been Michael’s Cigar Party after DF. The details aren’t out yet however this is a sweet gathering of Salesforce folks just looking to chill with a great drink and cigar (if that’s your jam). And of course we’ll be sponsoring the Public Sector Party on the night of the 26th. Register here!

5. Transportation: if you’re staying a good distance from Moscone, we suggest looking at the BART subway where you can add value to your Clipper Card before you arrive. They also sell Muni Passes for Cable Car and Trolley Car transportation.

6. Sessions: hot sessions have lines that start at least 30 minutes prior, so any thought of back-to-back sessions that start at the Yerba Buena Theater and end at Moscone West can be tossed out now. You NEED to add some session gaps to make sure your agenda logistics are a smooth process and not a rat race.

Other items that are nice to have are extra power sources, travel mug for water, and a sweatshirt for the inevitable night time San Francisco weather changes.

New to Dreamforce? Get ready for the Salesforce firehose! If you’re returning to Dreamforce, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Enjoy the show!

Ensuring Security and Compliance

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